Fall in Love with Running

23 Nov Fall in Love with Running

I Can’t Live Without Running and Neither Should You!

I wanted to call this post “Fall in love with running” because seriously the pun is great right…or overplayed. BUT well I totally missed the first day of Fall and I know you all expect a much higher level of humor from me, right?!

Either way today I want to help you FALL IN LOVE WITH RUNNING.

For all of you telling me you wish you could run, today I’m pulling back the velvet rope and letting you in to the circle of runner’s.

Here is why you’ll see us from your car window when the winds are howling, when we have snot frozen to our faces, when the sun could fry an egg….we’ve all gone off our medication.

NO, no, let’s get real now.

Running often starts off as a means to lose weight. Might not be pretty, but it’s true.

We decide that the fastest way to our skinny jeans must be pounding the pavement. Day 1 we regret having made this choice, but the determination keeps us coming back for days 2-5. Then there is an inherent shift in those who keep going and those who pull back.

It doesn’t suddenly get easier for some people. I’ve been at this 13 years and I’m not sure I’d ever call a run easy no matter what the training plan says, but man do I love it.

It really builds discipline… discipline that’s needed in every aspect of life, physical & spiritual.Noellesnotebook

If it’s not easy, then why does my face look like it could split in half from my smile when you pass me on the street? Why does my closet look more like a running store than GAP? Just to name a few:

Pump the breaks
For some reason we ALL start out too fast. We have a picture in our heads of what running looks like…it’s wrong. Embrace the run/walk method to get started and then allow it to be your amazing way to see improvement! Go from a run 1 minute walk 2 minutes to run 2 walk 2, etc.

Listen Up
Some days you need the quiet to just think and that’s one of the best things about running…but when you’re just starting it can be painful to hear your labored breathing. So employ my favorite tactic of Podcasts!!! While music is great a podcast can make you run longer by distracting your brain or through a sense of motivation depending on the topic.

Gear Up
No rewarding yourself with food!! You might dream of it while running, but it starts a vicious cycle of needing to run because you ate. Instead get in some gear that makes you feel amazing. Invest in a good pair of running shoes that make you feel like a runner. Buy the cute dri fit shirt or the dri fit winter gloves that are going to make your workout more comfortable.

Listen if it ain’t easy, you might as well make sure you’re not chaffing, getting blisters or injuries! The right gear is a piece that we often don’t allow ourselves at first, thinking it’s just for “advanced” runners. Not true.

My friends at CALIA, yeah Carrie and I are totally BFF’s, must have heard me lamenting my lack of cute cold weather gear after Iceland. Thus a few new seriously cute pieces landed on my doorstep just in time to get you psyched for Fall running.

Log it
What we measure we change. << That has long been one of my favorite statements, which is used in business, but applies to life.

There is something extremely powerful about seeing your workouts pile up and then having a way to compare your progress over time. Personally, I like to see it on paper, so when I started I would write down my miles for the day on a ginormous calendar beside my desk.

I wanted to see those numbers each week and recognize that I was committed to doing something amazing for myself. Which leads to the next point.

Being able to complete a race makes me feel like all my goals are attainable.MomsGottaRun

I could go on & on. But simply “It allows me to prove me & my self doubt wrong!IrishEyes1982

I’m a big, fat overtalker when it comes to the topic of habits, but what can I say, they work (get the 5 Habits of highly fit people). Once you have running in your calendar for the same time every week, an amazing thing happens…you start planning your day, your food, your life around that run without even knowing it. Your subconscious takes over…

Beyond that there is some amazing science about how your body actually starts to get ready for your workouts in advance once you get on a schedule! Isn’t that crazy?! Your heart rate will speed up a little, your body increases blood flow and all kinds of other things to make your workout feel better.

From someone who may not actually run a single race in 2015, while having logged an avg of 4o miles per week this might seem like bizarre advice.

But the truth is that there is magic in being surrounded by a ton of other sweaty people with their arms in the air hopping on one foot waiting for a GPS signal in the dark of the morning.

Beyond the connection you feel at the starting line, having a race on the calendar gives you en more purpose to roll out of bed each day and gives you something to share when people ask why you’ve suddenly taken to wearing compression socks under your work clothes (seriously you will).

When you’ve been pondering running for awhile, it’s often because you’ve seen others out striding along and want that freedom. So when you don’t feel amazing right out of the gate or aren’t as fast, you spend way too much mental effort focusing on what you aren’t.

Not me.

I show up day after day because I’m PROUD of myself. I’m not going to be standing on the first place podium any time soon, running isn’t something which I came to naturally. So whether I put in a mile or 26.2, it’s a reminder that I got up and did the work even though it wasn’t easy.

That’s something to be proud of…to build confidence from…seriously running changed my life. I’m not alone in this, the stories are astounding from runners who have quit addictions, left bad relationships, started new businesses, found their calling…the miles will change you.

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